What is a Banner Image and How to Choose the Right One

A banner image, also known as a “hero image”, is the big picture you see when you open a website design. It's usually at the top, but its placement may vary as recent design trends change and designers try to make their websites look more unique. Depending on how it is used, a banner can be a graphic image that advertises the name or identity of a site (and often spans the entire width of the web page) or an advertising image. Advertisers sometimes count banner views or the number of times a graphic banner image was downloaded over a period of time. In this blog, I'll talk about how to choose the right banner for your site.

Your Facebook banner will be displayed 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels high on a computer and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels high on a mobile device. The banner image is intended to be used only as a background image and has no alternative text field. The same banner image will be used regardless of the aspect ratio of the viewport, that is, the size of the device. Place the buttons below the banner message or on the same line if there is enough space for both. An advertising banner or web banner is an advertisement that is displayed on a web page.

The ad consists of an image (jpg, png, gif) or a multimedia object usually created with flash. This means that it cannot be used to transmit information, since it cannot be read on the screen. A main image is a website design term used to describe a large banner image at the top of a website. Sometimes called the “hero” header, it serves as a first glance for the user of your company and offer because of its prominent placement at the top of a web page that usually spans the entire width. A banner can be a flag or other piece of fabric with a symbol, logo, slogan or other message. A flag whose design is the same as the coat of arms of a coat of arms (but usually in a square or rectangular shape) is called a weapon banner.

In addition, a bar-shaped piece of non-fabric advertising material with a name, slogan, or other marketing message can also be called a banner. A header is an image that is placed at the top of the website and that appears at the top of every web page, except for the landing page or sales page. It is usually horizontal in size, consisting mainly of a logo, slogan, or other elements such as social media icons, advertising banners or search bar. The header usually contains the primary color and together with the footer located at the bottom of web pages help establish the appearance or identity of the entire website. If you opt for a generic text “in-style” banner image then you have to find an appropriate graphic for the back. As a result, you can intelligently communicate with your designer or developer in the future if you need help making your logo, header and banner. Supporters of National Football Club of Uruguay made a banner measuring 600 x 50 meters that weighs more than 2 tons; they claim it is largest in world.

If an item has been shared in banner container of homepage to override existing banner image of page resource then resulting banner will be displayed similar to item detail page with addition of Read More button. For many new business owners you may have trouble identifying differences between logo, header and banner. Several British towns and cities have whole series of banners decorating center of their cities effectively announcing city or its special features and attractions. Banners can contain up to two text buttons with disdainful action on left and confirmation action on right. However in recent years emphasis has shifted significantly to permanent or temporary display of banners on walls or pillars of churches and other places of worship. Web banners can be powered by different types of technologies and therefore offer different levels of usability. In indoor professional sports in North America previous season's champion traditionally doesn't set his prize-winning championship banner until moments before his first home game following season in procedure primarily known as raising banner.

Most these banners have not survived; NSW Labour Council has largest collection held at Sydney Trades Hall on Sussex Street Sydney. The banner ad played important role in enabling rapid development paid advertising on Internet.

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