What is a Standard Advertising Banner and How to Use It

Advertising banners are a popular choice among advertisers for increasing user engagement on websites. They come in various sizes and formats, such as HTML5 banners, static JPG images, GIF images, Facebook Story ads, Instagram Slideshow ads, and more. The most common banner size is the medium rectangle, which has 40% of global inventory. It sits along the sidebar of a website and can be used as a standard unit or as an extensible format.

The leaderboard ad is another popular choice with very high visibility and high impact results for advertisers. It has 12% of the global inventory and is often displayed as a banner at the bottom of the screen. Flash banners used to have a large percentage of online inventories but are now not common among publishers. When creating display banners for your display advertising campaign, it is important to decide which sizes to use.

According to the new IAB guidelines, standard web banner sizes and standard banner ad sizes must be “distinguishable” from normal web page content and the ad unit must have clearly defined borders. Additionally, it is important to avoid packaging your ads with useless content, images, and other elements. The psychology behind color is also important when designing ads and standard web banner sizes. Ads can be served on more than two million websites and 650,000 apps, increasing the chances that you'll connect with your audience anywhere.

And with more than 2 billion people using Facebook every month, it's possible that many people will see your ad. No display ad campaign is complete without the medium rectangle. Even though this banner ad size doesn't get as many impressions as the first one, it's still a popular choice among advertisers. But people have become quite adept at ignoring ads, so it's important to make sure your banners stand out from the crowd.

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