Are Advertising Banners Still Effective in Driving Business Results?

Are advertising banners still effective in driving business results? This is an important question that needs to be answered. It's a combination of art and science, and today's programmatic advertising focuses on the importance of data and automation to make smarter ad serving decisions. Despite the changes taking place, studies show that 71% of consumers still prefer more personalized digital ads. Banner ads are able to achieve this by effectively targeting your audience.

Qualifiers such as demographics and online behavior help identify the optimal consumer, allowing you to develop relevant ads that have an impact on specific people. You can then use transactional emails to deliver a consistent brand experience to newly acquired leads. Online banner ads are also improving, as Google makes it easy for advertisers to create good banner ads. Some of Pinterest's most popular images feature a single colorful image with a simple line of text that could easily be mistaken for a good ad banner.

When it comes to improving the effectiveness of your banner ads, video is key. Not only do you want a clear call-to-action (CTA) to ensure effective banner ads, but you also need to present that CTA consistently across your campaign's marketing assets. Additionally, users who saw the same ad did not show an attrition effect that would result in negative attitudes towards the advertiser by bombarding the user with the same message. Although they are now able to offer more data-driven information, the banner ad strategy is possibly less effective than it was before.

The next time you run a campaign, consider the additional benefits that the right banner ad strategy can have. While it's important to clearly state who you are and what you're advertising, it's also a best practice for banner ads to keep your content concise so that it stays with users who can only see your ad for a fraction of a second. If you've noticed that your banners have become obsolete despite the best efforts, it might be time to switch to a modern alternative.

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