What is Banner Advertising and How Does it Work? A Comprehensive Guide

Banner advertising, also known as display advertising, is a form of online advertising where brands place rectangular images, known as banners, on another person's website. These banners can be static images, text, gifs, or videos and are used to promote a brand. Banner ads can take visitors from the host website to the advertiser's website or to a specific landing page. Banner advertising is based on images rather than text and is a popular form of online advertising. Banner ads are usually relatively simple pieces of HTML code, but their presence on the web and their importance in internet-based businesses is immense.

Advertising banners have been around since the dawn of the internet, allowing website owners to sell advertising space. Traditional banner ads have expanded into other forms such as Facebook ads and Instagram sponsored ads. Programmatic bidding is a real-time bidding technology used for banner advertising and virtually all online advertising. This technology allows approved companies to bid on ad space during the time it takes for a banner ad to load. To create professional banners that people recognize, it's important to stay close to your brand colors.

It's also essential to know the sizes needed for your banner ads. Banner ads are an important part of monetization for marketers and have cemented their importance in online advertising. Over time, ad sizes have changed slightly with the rejection of pop-up ads, however overall sizes have become consistent. As someone who is still learning about banner advertising, I take this opportunity to learn by explaining and sharing my own opinion after careful research.

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