Can Animated Display Ads Capture Your Attention?

Animated HTML5 ads are a great way to tell a story and engage with your audience. While they may not be better than static ads, they can be more effective in conveying your message when you use more than one image. There are both pros and cons to using static or animated banners. Animated banners tend to draw more attention, which is the goal of many companies. When selecting your animated banners, it's important to remember that GIFs are slowly being phased out and that HTML5 banners offer the best results.

Animated or interactive ads must last 15 seconds or less, and you can use loops in display ads, but the duration of the animation cannot exceed 15 seconds. Animated banners could be the attractive alternative you've been looking for to capture the attention of users and increase that important CTR. Additionally, there are constantly new digital advertising guidelines and ad-blocking software designed to block this often misunderstood form of advertising. With HTML5 now available with native support across browsers, faster loading speeds and smoother animations, there is no need for Flash banners.

Creatopy also offers several types of premium fonts that you can use to add a personal touch to your banners. But every once in a while an animated display ad (you know, the ones with banners and moving images that move or appear) is able to capture our attention. Given this fact, combined with the total spending on visual advertising in recent years, it is safe to assume that animated banners are the future. Initially, only static banners were available, but as technology evolved and people began to experience faster internet connections, animated display ads made their way into the mainstream. Based on these statistics, you can later adjust your campaign and create better and more attractive animated banners and, in the end, be more successful. For example, some banners use an HTML5 video player to display the video, while other units use JavaScript libraries to push characters and text across the screen.

An important part of this is the progression of banner ads and the role they play in advertising since their creation in 1994.

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